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CAMILLA INTERNATIONAL - listed in Newspaper Advertising
Newspaper Advertising
CONIC ELECTRONICS - listed in Public Address Systems
Public Address Systems
Melos Media Pvt. Ltd. - listed in Public Address Systems
nnovation is an integral part of advertising. Consumer interests and behavior is liable to undergo a change with time. Hence, the modes of reaching and interacting with them also evolve with each passing day. Advertisers and creative minds see no boundary of media. What better example than the recent use of the public address systems in the country. Public address systems at different locations of India have been used very innovatively to attract audience attention and even strongly put across a message. Not only have these initiatives successfully reached the masses but also created ripples of conversations amongst the consumer network. Melos Media as a 360 degree ad campaigning agency truley convey your message to the audience with activities
SCORE IS RIGHT - listed in Public Address Systems
: ScoreIsRight is an exceptional and out of the box creativity born out of the gaming maestros zeal and love for sporting games eventually giving the Fantasy Sports Zone a major twist to delight the Online Gaming Experience for all. The ScoreIsRight is a skilled based Online Fantasy Score Game wherein the gamers are provided with a platform to showcase their skills, cricketing knowledge, and insights. ScoreIsRight gives the Fantasy Sports zone an interesting twist by roping in the brand new “What’s Your Fantasy Score” mantra.
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Taxovita furnishes a wide range of tax, valuation, financial advisory, and associated consulting services to individual and commercial clients.

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